—-Heroes 30 Day Challenge

Day 16 part 2 — A character you wanted to see more of: Daphne Millbrook, Micah Sanders, Lydia, Edgar, Noah Gray (from Exposed Future), Molly Walker, Eden McCain

So obviously, I’m ignoring a few deaths here, or rather wishing they hadn’t happened and/or wishing we had seen more of the characters before they happened. One of those happening would make me happy. Those are Daphne, Lydia, and Eden.

Granted, Eden and Lydia have some good webisodes/graphic novel presences that are welcome to those that love their characters (like muah). Lydia had more than Eden from what I recall. So from that perspective, I wish we’d gotten more Eden. She was wonderfully intriguing.

When it comes to Lydia, I more wanted to see some more interaction between her and Edgar. I admit - I ship ‘em. And for that, I wish we’d seen more of Edgar. As far as I can recall, he’s only in one graphic novel for any amount of time worth a damn.

I wish Micah and Molly hadn’t been cut away from the story entirely. Micah has a graphic novel series doing with REBEL, which is great. However, I really would’ve liked if REBEL’s presence has weaved in and out with certain heroes, whether they knew it was him and his band of, well, rebels, or not. It would’ve been a great continuity thing and come on - how could they not have known about the carnival, eventually? Especially when it landed in NYC??

Molly I love. Seriously, she’s such a cutie pie. I miss the MMM family. That was at the height of me liking Matt and Mohinder, too, mainly because it fleshed out their personalities more and I thought their dynamic was entertaining, how they played off each other. The men were much less one-minded during that time (not an insult, just my opinion). And strictly speaking, her ability would always been useful.

However, it is on that point that I think might be one of the reasons they wrote her out. Kind of like Castiel with Supernatural - someone with that great of a power cannot be around all the time or the angst/mystery of most storylines would be over way too quickly. *sigh*

Daphne, obviously, I wish she hadn’t died. Not going to start on that because I will rant and my feels are already threatening the surface. *cries*

Lastly, Noah. I wish we’d gotten more of the exposed future. I don’t care who his mother was at this point, or if he was even Sylar’s biologically at all. I just wanted to see more of him and how he came into play. He was adorable. And it’s an eternal wish of mine to have gotten some Noah Gray/Noah Bennet interaction. Just putting that out there….

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