—-Heroes 30 Day Challenge

Day 12 —- Favorite Guest Star: Dan Byrd as Luke Campbell

OMG I AM SO SLOW! But I am determined to finish this because I love the questions soooo-

I don’t know who else was a guest star versus being a recurring character. I was originally going to go with the girl that played Charlie Andrews, but she was a recurring, so then I saw Byrd and went with him because while it’s not a popular opinion, I enjoyed Luke’s brief immersion into Sylar’s storyline.

He was a cocky idiot that pressed all of Sylar’s right buttons without even knowing him and with him, we got to see a great side of Sylar in an exposure of one of his many layers that led to a domino effect of storylines until the end of the storylines.

Maybe I put too much credit on Luke, but he opened the door to us seeing a lot into Sylar, and he was entertaining IMO the whole time we saw him. Plus, he led to the great conversation of:

"So - you’re like a serial killer."

"I’m not a serial killer."

"But you have a pattern. You go after specific victims. You collect mementos."

"Okay, technically I’m a serial killer!"

And that was just comedy gold.